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Ground into the Element of Earth to create stability, manifestation and abundance in your life!

The witches athame

Working with the creative powers of this ancient craft, you too can learn to work with the magick of herbs and crystals, harnessing these gifts of the earth and directing their energy towards your goals and desires! Awaken the element of Water in your life to cleanse emotions and tap into the Universal flow! The power of water can bring healing, cleansing, clarity and flow to your life! This is only true, though, of the Dagger, which is painted with a yellow handle. The Sword itself is fire in that it is attributed to Geburah and is under the presidency of Mars.

Magical Pagan and Wiccan Symbols

The athame is traditionally black-handled, usually inscribed sometimes in the Theban alphabet. It is used to direct energy for the casting of magic circles , controlling of spirits and other ritual purposes. Gerald Gardner described it as "the true Witch's weapon" in the Bricket Wood Book of Shadows , [12] something which he has been criticised for, by Frederic Lamond believing there should be no "weapons" in Wicca.

The term "athame" in its modern spelling first appears in Wicca, but it originates from words found in two historical copies of the Key of Solomon. This was adopted by C.

The Element of Fire – Connecting with the South - Wicca and Witchcraft

The historian Ronald Hutton theorised that Gardner got it either directly or indirectly from one of these sources, although with a modified spelling. In Gardnerian Wicca, the wand is symbolic for the element of Air, though in some traditions it instead symbolises Fire. In his Book of Shadows , Gerald Gardner stated that the wand is "used to summon certain spirits with whom it would not be meet to use the athame".

Frederic Lamond states that this referred to elemental spirits, who were traditionally believed to be scared of iron and steel.

The chalice , or goblet, is symbolic for the element of Water. Many Wiccans do not consider it to be a tool, but instead to be a symbol of the Goddess, particularly her womb. Rather than being the blood of Christ, it is symbolic of the Goddess' womb. The chalice is traditionally used to hold wine. The boline is a white handled knife, sometimes with a curved blade, like that of a crescent moon. It is used for more practical uses than the athame, for instance for harvesting and cutting herbs, inscribing candles with symbols or sigils, or cutting ritual cords. The censer is used to dispense incense.

The scourge , a type of religious whip , is used in Gardnerian Wicca to flagellate members of the coven, primarily in initiation rites. Frederic Lamond said that whilst Gardner never told his Bricket Wood coven which element this was associated with, he believed that as an "instrument for exercising power over others" then it should be Fire. These being representatives of the "gifts of the Goddess," the scourge standing for sacrifice and suffering one is willing to endure to learn, the kiss being the blessings of abundance in all life's aspects.

The Elements of Wicca: Fire

In the various forms of British Traditional Wicca , cords , known as cingulum, or singulum which literally translates as "girdle" or "belt" , are worn about the waist by adherents. These are often given to a Wiccan upon their initiation, and worn at each subsequent ritual. In many traditions of Wicca, the colour of a person's cingulum indicates what rank of initiation they are; in several Australian covens for instance, green denotes a novice, white denotes an initiate of the first degree, blue for the second, and a plaited red, white and blue for the third, with the High Priest wearing a gold cingulum symbolising the sun , and the High Priestess wearing silver symbolising the moon.

Wiccan High Priest Raymond Buckland has said that the cingulum should not be worn, but kept especially for spellcraft.

The besom , or broom, is often associated with witches and witchcraft. The stories of witches flying on brooms originated from the besom. In Wicca, it is used in handfasting ceremonies, when a couple jumps over it. It is also used in seasonal fertility dances as a representation of a phallus. A cauldron is often associated with Witches and Witchcraft in western culture.

In Wicca, it is sometimes used to represent the womb of the Goddess, like the chalice.

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