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Toby was helpful when Stanley had colitis , getting him seven weeks off for treatment, but was not so helpful when Stanley had an issue with his acid reflux. When the Dunder Mifflin branches take part in a weight loss competition, Stanley begins losing weight for his own reasons. He reveals that he took part in the Black Power movement and ends up losing seven pounds. In Prince Family Paper , in giving his argument on how Hilary Swank is hot, he says he is trying to be more optimistic in life and that pointing out people's flaws is no way to live.

In Stress Relief , Dwight's over-the-top, poorly thought-through "fire safety" drill caused Stanley to have a heart attack.

Stanley Takes It Like A Man

He is later released from the hospital, under orders from his doctor not to become stressed, and gives him a stress monitor to help. He reveals that he would like to quit his job, but he thinks he is too old to find another, that he doesn't have enough savings to retire, and that he now feels "Like I'm working in my own casket.

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Stanley decides that he isn't feeling well after watching Dwight gut the dummy. Later, during a pseudo-meditation session run by Michael, Stanley's stress monitor continually goes off when Michael comes close to him, revealing Michael to be the source of the employees' stress after the same thing happens when Oscar tries out the stress monitor. After the Roast of Michael, Michael comes back to the Office and roasts most of the employees, including Stanley, saying "Stanley, you crush your wife during sex, and your heart sucks.

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Stanley shows some genuine minor concern for Michael in " Two Weeks ," when he advises Michael that he should go to his office and start hunting for a job, given that Michael only has four days left with the company. The first episode of the sixth season, " Gossip ", involves Michael finding out from an intern that he has seen Stanley cheating on his wife, Teri, with a woman named Cynthia Algerita Wynn Lewis. Michael initially thinks the rumor was false, but Stanley confirms it, saying he's about to break the affair off. Michael spreads the rumor around the office, but just retrieves the situation, and it seems Stanley has gotten away with the affair, until Michael talks to Teri on the phone, accidentally calling her Cynthia, confirming her suspicions.

Presumably, Teri leaves Stanley, who smashes Michael's car in anger. He brings Cynthia to Jim and Pam's wedding, where he enjoys getting his behind spanked by his new girlfriend as he dances down the church aisle. However he reluctantly takes part on hearing the game will be catered.

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In " The Delivery ", Stanley shows that he cares very little about Pam being pregnant, as when she goes in labor and Jim and Michael rush her into the elevator, Stanley notices it is and makes them hold the elevator for him. In " New Leads ", Stanley, along with the rest of the sales staff, lets Sabre's new "sales is king" policy go to his head. However, before mentioning their commissions offer, the non-sales staff seem to be just happy with the pastries and they accept their apology, so the sales staff withholds their commissions offer.

When Stanley figures out what has happened, he smiles and is glad that everyone is getting along again without having to give up some of his commission. In the beginning of " Happy Hour ", Michael says whoever does more push-ups than him will get to go home early. Stanley does more push-ups than him with Michael saying in an interview that it's not really fair, since "[Stanley] has all this weight helping him go down" , and thus gets to leave.

Later, it is shown that Stanley has placed dozens of his business cards in the Bar's lunch raffle. In " Costume Contest ", Stanley accidentally confuses Jim's mug of orange juice for his own mug of coffee, but does not appear to notice the difference. This leads a surprised Jim, along with the rest of the office, to determine what else Stanley won't notice. Kevin dresses as Phyllis; Andy sits at his desk while wearing a tie with no shirt; Jim places a cardboard box with the computer desktop on it over Stanley's monitor; Michael wears fake teeth; Michael talks about a Dunder Mifflin branch on Jupiter during a staff meeting where all the employees except Stanley is facing a different direction; Pam wears a mustache; and Dwight brings a pony into the office However, he does notice that the office clock behind him is five minutes slow, and that it's 5PM, so he immediately heads out of the office.

For the costume contest, he dresses up as a samurai warrior. In " Christening ", he attends the christening of Jim and Pam's baby, Cece. At the reception, food quickly runs out, and he and Kevin become agitated. Michael tells them that if they don't stop worrying about what they're going to eat all the time, they will die in "about a month". In a deleted scene from " Viewing Party ", he tells the camera that he is irritated by the fact that he was invited to Gabe's apartment for the Glee viewing party.

And nobody knows I live there, and there's a button that I can press that will launch that lighthouse into space. In a deleted scene from " China ", he tells Michael that he's not worried about China 's growing global power, only for Michael to say that it's not trouble for him because he's conditioned to being the under class, offending him. In " The Seminar ", Stanley is one of the speakers at Andy's seminar on starting a small business, but pulls out along with Phyllis and Dwight.

Later, Dwight reveals that he talked to one of the attendees, a man who owns a golf supply business, and that this could actually be a good opportunity for the sales team. Stanley, Dwight and Phyllis then try to rejoin Andy, who refuses at Darryl's prompting. In a deleted scene, he tells the camera is that he makes his sales by meeting with a client, giving his pitch, and then staring intensely at them until they buy something.

In " Training Day ", he, like the other employees, sucks up to new office manager Deangelo Vickers. In the cold open of " Michael's Last Dundies ", Stanley screams at Michael and Deangelo to get off his property when they deliver his Dundie nomination early in the morning.

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At the Dundies, Stanley laughs at Michael portraying Phyllis as being an old, enfeebled woman in the opening video in which Michael plays various employees around the office. Later, Stanley is not amused when he wins the diabetes award.

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He also participates in serenading the soon-to-depart Michael with a version of " Seasons of Love " with altered lyrics. In " Goodbye, Michael ", Michael gives Stanley a small felt table which has no balls as a going away present. However, he's outraged when Michael gives Andy his client list. Later, when Michael calls one final meeting in the conference room, he tries to leave when Michael does his "Ping" character, only for Michael to hug him as he's walking away. In a deleted scene, it is shown that he has a fetish for Japanese hentai , which he calls "art".

He is not part of Deangelo's inner circle, but does not seem to mind the fact at all. Later, when Deangelo heavily injures himself and is sent to hospital, Stanley is seen in a grave expression shaking his head. In " Dwight K. Schrute, Acting Manager ", Stanley is annoyed by Dwight's heavily enforced management style, such as having a "honor system" for coffee in the kitchen.

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Later, when Dwight foolishly attempts to cover his mistakes by declaring that a full investigation is being held concerning who fired the gun in the office, Stanley says that everybody already saw Dwight as the culprit. In " Search Committee ", when asked by Oscar if there's a front-runner for the manager position yet, Jim who's on the search committee jokes that he is not taking the search seriously, causing Stanley to scold Jim that he worked for Michael for 15 years, and that according to his doctor, he doesn't have another 15 years left if he wants to maintain his dietary and sexual lifestyle which he intends to , thus making the next boss his last. He tells Jim he would "appreciate it" if he took the search seriously, then dunks his half-eaten doughnut into Jim's coffee, pulls it out, and leaves the kitchen. Later, Angela loudly informs Stanley that she won't be able to invite everyone in the office to her wedding, as she wants to keep it to , to which he responds with a simple "I'll get over it".

In " The List ", Stanley's new "thing" is that he pretends to help someone out by describing what to do real slowly, then yelling "and then shove it up your butt! In a talking-head interview, he acknowledges that it's stupid, but it's what he's going to do. He is also on the "Losers" side of Robert California's list. In " Special Project ", when Dwight needs to form a team to go to Florida and Andy offers everyone in the office a chance to join his team, Stanley jumps at the opportunity just so he can go to Florida for a month without his family, referring to himself as "Florida Stanley" in the interview, and makes it on the team.

When in Florida, he rents a convertible and hooks up with other women at night, appearing to be the happiest he's ever been. Jim initially likes hanging out with Stanley, but Stanley's adulterous actions drive Jim away. Stanley goes back to his old grumpy self when they leave Florida.


In Welcome Party , Stanley is about to return to the office after getting a tonsillectomy , and Pam and Phyllis made a card for him. The card involves a joke about his mustache, but this prompts a debate on whether Stanley actually has a mustache. Since nobody in the office can remember, not even Phyllis, who sits across from him, they all wait for him to return and vote on whether he has a mustache or not.

After the office finds out Stanley does have a mustache, they start cheering, to which Stanley just responds with a grunt. He does so only after making Jim treat him to a sumptuous lunch of lobster and wine. In Finale it is revealed that after the airing of the documentary, Stanley retired from Dunder Mifflin, divorced his wife, and moved to a small quiet village in Florida where he's taken up wood carving birds. During Dwight's wedding he dances with Phyllis and tells her that he misses seeing her every day.

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