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This was the era when all Western powers were seeking to open new markets for their manufactured goods abroad, as well as new countries to supply raw materials for industry. It was clear that Commodore Perry could impose his demands by force. The Japanese had no navy with which to defend themselves, and thus they had to agree to the demands. Perry's small squadron itself was not enough to force the massive changes that then took place in Japan, but the Japanese knew that his ships were just the beginning of Western interest in their islands.

Russia, Britain, France, and Holland all followed Perry's example and used their fleets to force Japan to sign treaties that promised regular relations and trade.


They did not just threaten Japan — they combination their navies on several occasions to defeat and disarm the Japanese feudal domains that defied them. The Tokugawa shogunate was founded about years earlier, in , when Tokugawa leyasu his surname is Tokugawa and his allies defeated an opposing coalition of feudal lords to establish dominance over the many contending warlords.

Instead, he replaced opposing feudal lords with relatives and allies, who were free to rule within their domains under few restrictions.

He was proven right two centuries later, when change came in the form of Perry's ships. Japan's tighter scrutiny of exports of three key materials used in President Donald Trump may be on its last legs, as an end-of-year deadline set by Kim for progress fast approaches.

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One of the North's former top nuclear envoys said in a statement Monday that Pyongyang was Samurai Japan finished its Premier12 campaign in successful fashion on Sunday night with a victory over South Korea in the gold medal game at Tokyo Dome. While it was an accomplishment by itself, the feat was an appetizer en route to the ultimate goal Overseas students are looking for a school with personality and some operational tweaks should help.

Few countries have embraced rail travel like Japan, so it's no surprise that one of the best train museums in the world is found here: the kid-friendly Kyoto Railway Museum. The saga of the 47 ronin has inspired artists and imaginations for centuries. Now, this book by Hiroaki Sato seeks to shed new light on the origins of the conflict.

Okinawa Prefecture needs to focus its energy on raising the standards of living for its residents, and especially investing more in its children. The Library of Congress is the largest library in the world with more than million items. View detailed collection statistics.


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Each working day the Library receives some 15, items and adds more than 10, items to its collections. Materials are acquired as Copyright deposits and through gift, purchase, other government agencies state, local and federal , Cataloging in Publication a pre-publication arrangement with publishers and exchange with libraries in the United States and abroad.

Through these exchanges the Library acquires material that would not be available otherwise. The remaining items are made available to other federal agencies and are then available for donation to educational institutions, public bodies and nonprofit tax-exempt organizations in the United States. Since , the Library of Congress has maintained offices abroad to acquire, catalog and preserve library and research materials from countries where such materials are essentially unavailable through conventional acquisitions methods.

The Library is also collaborating with institutions around the globe to provide content on the World Digital Library. The collections contain materials in some languages.

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The Library's Asian Division collection holds more than 3 million items, the largest assemblage of Chinese, Japanese and Korean materials outside of Asia, and one of the largest Tibetan collections in the world. The Library holds the largest collection of Russian-language materials in the United States and the largest outside of Russia more than , items.

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  • Historical Dictionary of Polynesia (Historical Dictionaries of Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East).
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The Law Library of Congress is the world's largest law library, with more than 2. The Law Library contains United States congressional publications dating back to the nation's founding. The Library holds the largest rare-book collection in North America more than , volumes , including the largest collection of 15th-century books in the Western Hemisphere.

The Great Teacher Natsuki [EP 1: The Introduction] + ABROAD IN JAPAN's "Natsuki the Movie" Trailer!

The largest book in the Library of Congress is a 5-by-7 foot book featuring color images of Bhutan. With support from Microsoft, a team of students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology recorded the ancient life and culture in this South Asian country and made 40, digital images available to the Bhutan National Archives.

A copy of the picture book was donated to the Library of Congress.

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One of the oldest examples of printing in the world — passages from a Buddhist sutra, or discourse, printed in A. The oldest written material in the Library is a cuneiform tablet dating from B. Foremost among the Manuscript Division's holdings are the papers of 23 presidents, ranging from George Washington to Calvin Coolidge.