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Written by Robert E.

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Wood and titled Destination: Moonbase Alpha: the Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Space: , the book runs to pages and contains a colour photo section featuring model spaceships created for Space: by special effects technician Martin Bower , as well as a foreword by Zienia Merton Sandra Benes and an afterword by Barry Morse Professor Victor Bergman. William Latham, author of Space: Omega and its sequel Space: Alpha , wrote a non-fiction book that detailed the conception, planning, and writing processes that went into the writing of the two novels.

It contains a foreword written by Mateo Latosa, the publisher at Powys Media, a small independent publishing company that published officially licensed novels and other works in the Space: series. Powys Media. February Patricia Sokol's detailed analysis of the novels, short stories and audio books in the Space: series published by Powys Media. It contains a detailed synopsis of each of the works, a timeline and an encyclopedic section of all the persons, places and things in the expanded Space: universe, meaning the original series and the officially licensed works published by Powys Media.

February, John K.

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Balor's edit of the episode by episode analysis and commentary by Online Alpha Lulu Press, September In the s, U. In Germany, publisher Koralle Verlag produced 18 adaptations of Year One episodes as part of their Zack colour comic anthologies, one adaptation and four original stories in their Zack Parade line, as well as two full-length graphic novel original adventures in their Zack Box imprint. Many of the episodic adaptations were later translated and reprinted in Italy. In the UK, a two-page comic strip appeared in Look-In children's magazine from autumn to spring John M.

Burns illustrated the first three stories, to be succeeded by Mike Noble when the strip would convert to black-and-white in early In the autumn of , the strip adopted the Year Two format, with Burns returning for a brief coda story that November. Some of these strips were reprinted in black-and-white as complete compilations in the Portuguese TV Junior comic.

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In , a 'rebooted' and elaborated new graphic novel appeared, entitled Aftershock and Awe. In this context, the events of Space occur in an alternate history. In this timeline, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was never assassinated, and the space race continued apace.

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In , a Third World War broke out, between the United States and North Korea , causing widespread devastation, but limited harm, given that international expenditure on the space race diminished the intensity of the escalated nuclear arms race in our world's Cold War during the eighties. In either form, the book takes an optimistic view of the disease and provides solutions for caregivers of individuals with dementia.

Author Elaine C. Pereira is an occupational therapist who became a caregiver to her mother when she was diagnosed with dementia. She weaves a funny, yet powerful story that includes her mistakes, insights, and successful intervention strategies with her mother to help readers in their own journeys with dementia.

Author Marianne Talbot cared for both of her parents when they were diagnosed with dementia. Talbot also includes tips and advice for caregivers of someone with dementia in addition to resources to help them through the stages of providing care and to understand they are not alone. The guide is appropriate for patients who want to understand their treatment.

The book places emphasis on relating to patients where they are in their own reality and includes methods for enhancing communication between caregivers and patients. The book also includes practical tips for coping with the diagnosis and adjusting to life with the disease, helping patients talk about their illness, facing the challenges of driving, and dealing with the progression of the disease. Filled with compassionate insights, the book explores the initial signs of the disease, its various stages and symptoms, and treatment options.

It also provides information on diet modifications that may reduce symptoms. Her book is not the typical book for caregivers, however; rather than focusing caregiving techniques that are at the heart of other dementia books, Loving Someone Who Has Dementia centers on managing chronic stress and grief. Appropriate for anyone affected by dementia, the book helps readers find hope even when they feel as though they already have lost their loved one to the disease. He reminds readers that communication is key in providing quality care and that common sense and love are key ingredients in doing so.

The book is based on notes she keeps in her journal as she manages life with short-term memory loss and provides a first-hand account into her investigation into the brain and its mysteries. A successful blogger, Lisa R. Hirsch writes for healthcare websites and has been published in inspirational books for women. Wyatt explains that the family coped best when they allowed themselves to enjoy the funny side of the disease. Yet, the memoir also provides insight into compassionate, effective care for people affected by dementia. Some studies suggest that nutrition plays a role in dementia.

In Nutrition for Brain Health , authors Laura Town, Karen Kassel, and Amanda Boyle discuss the nutritional changes people can make to promote brain health and possibly lower the risk of developing dementia and slow the progression of the disease in those already diagnosed with it.

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The book presents guidelines for maintaining brain health and combatting the onset of dementia as well as tips for helping people in the later stages of the disease get adequate nutrition even when eating becomes challenging. The journalist and editor writes about their journey and its ups and downs in a heart-warming, thought-provoking manner.

The book details the path that took them around the world as they learned to cope with and live with the disease as a patient, caregiver, and parents to three young children. Reviewed by family members of people with dementia who point to the book as one that they wish they had read as they journeyed through dementia with loved ones, Practical Insights into Caring for Someone with Dementia is designed to be just that.

Authors Lisa and Raymond Hee intend for the book to be a practical handbook for anyone who is affected by or works with those living with dementia and is based on more than forty years of experience in caring for people with dementia. Full of practical advice, tips for encouraging patients to enjoy their daily lives, and tricks for conversing with patients, Practical Insights into Caring for Someone with Dementia is an incredibly helpful resource.

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This book is honest and reveals the reality and responsibility caregivers face each day as they care for loved ones with dementia. A nurse in Canada for more than 25 years, author Jennifer Ghent-Fuller spent 11 of those years educating and offering support counseling for individuals with dementia and their loved ones and caregivers. Author Cameron S. Author Christiane W. Griffin-Wehr reflects on losing her mother to dementia in Travels in Place. But the fiction of his story is based on an intense amount of reporting I have done.

And the other voices you are hearing? Those are real people. The solitary-confinement scenario posed a narrative challenge: where was the action in the story going to come from, given that the character was trapped inside a small room? Podcasting is a peculiarly intimate medium. Usually transmitted through headphones to a solitary listener, or played over the car stereo during a commute, an audio narrative can be immersive in a way that a radio playing in the background in a kitchen rarely is. For a digital medium, podcasts are unusual in their commitment to a slow build, and to a sensual atmosphere.

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At the conference table, people were eager to discuss ways in which audio could deepen the story, as well as the visceral experience of the listener. Their whole world is an auditory world.

This led to a discussion of unexpected sounds in solitary. In two years, Pineapple has grown from four employees to more than a dozen. A soundproof recording studio was recently installed near the company kitchen. The office is on hectic Willoughby Street, rather than on Pineapple Street, in Brooklyn Heights, with its town houses and river views.

The name is aspirational: if the company prospers, its founders joke, they might get to own houses on Pineapple Street one day. It pays its bills in part by producing content for such corporate clients as Morgan Stanley and Nike. Bellassai distinguishes himself from other funny podcasters with an abrasive delivery and a habit of drinking throughout the recording.

Afterward, Pineapple employees sometimes find stray empties in the studio. Conversational shows are intended to sound informal, though this belies the care taken in making them. Pineapple often discards hours of tape, recorded before a new host finds her or his stride, and an hour-long episode can require dozens of hours of editing.

Nevertheless, talk shows are relatively easy and inexpensive to produce compared with reported narratives, which the company also aspires to make. Taberski cited a rumor that Simmons was being controlled by his housekeeper, Teresa Reveles, and another that Simmons was undergoing a gender transition. Neither theory held up, Taberski decided, so he kept digging. The team revised the final episode half a dozen times before settling on a version in which Taberski concludes that Simmons did, after all, deserve to be left alone. Perhaps you do. We learned Teresa remembers me.

We know that Teresa recycles, because she was clearly taking out the recycling. In hindsight, such fears were perhaps sixteen years premature. In commercial terms, however, the show was an undeniable success: it has been downloaded thirteen million times, and Amazon is developing it as a television series. Until the podcast boom, nobody entered the field of narrative audio thinking that it might be a route to fortune or fame.

Public radio, in which many narrative podcasters got their start, is not for profit, and aims at producing programming in the service of a better, and better-informed, society. Now a thrilling sense of possibility exists among the kinds of people who once might have tried magazine freelancing or blogging: that someone with talent can make a living, or even become rich, by podcasting. Joe Rogan, whose show routinely tops the iTunes charts, has made millions of dollars from it. The show, which has completed two seasons, focusses on abuses of power, and is animated, and dignified, by its adherence to a public-radio sense of mission.

Remarkably, Flowers has been prosecuted six times for the crimes, because of a series of hung juries and mistrials. Podcasting has offered advertisers a new means of reaching demographically targeted consumers.