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Focusing on the material legacy of the local area—artists featured in this exhibition have practices that subvert the functionality of objects or images as a means to speak to themes around the space between labor and sites of intimacy—such as work and home. Useless Utility explores how the lack or manipulation of function in everyday objects impacts interpretation of the self, regional culture, and societal standards through the lens of contemporary art.

The new status symbol: it’s not what you spend – it’s how hard you work

Each of the artists featured in Useless Utility are influenced by the material, politics, and culture that inhabits the northern edge of the American rust belt. Their works speak to the complex ways in which self-reflection can occur through a subversion of objects or materials. Alfred Taubman Foundation. Remember Me. Some parts of the site may not work properly if you choose not to accept cookies. Lichens are fascinating plants, once you start to look into their habits.

For one thing, they show a wide distribution of habitats, being classified as arboreal, terricolous, saxicolous and omnicolous, according to whether they thrive on trees, earth, rocks or all of these.

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Most of them, too, have astonishing powers of survival as communities, possibly because they involve a symbiosis between a fungus and an alga, and have unusual resistance against the elements, with one exception: they suffer from smoke contamination. Lichens also pose interesting questions during their protracted existence.

In the British Lichen Society Bulletin for winter the problem of the lichen population of Stonehenge is raised. Experts examining the enormous sarsens of this prehistoric monument during the summer of discovered lichens typical of those inhabiting sea cliffs. At least nine species had maritime affinities.

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They included the prominent Ramalina siliquosa in abundant large shaggy clumps. Yet the stones are 50km from the nearest coastline.


A dramatic, though unlikely explanation is that the stones were colonised by seaside lichens when they were transported by sea from the Prescelly Mountains in Pembrokeshire centuries ago. The well known longevity of the plant makes this hypothesis possible. A more likely explanation is that in stormy weather salt spray may have been carried some km inland from the Atlantic coast.

The salty deposit, building up on vertical and overhanging surfaces of the stones, may have encouraged the growth of Ramalina , which has also been detected in church towers well inland.

The rise of the useless class |

Bird droppings may have contributed to the continued growth of the lichen. What puzzles the lichenologists is that other, more common, seaside lichen species are not present as well. However, past attempts to clean the stones may have eliminated these other lichens and left the highly resistant Ramalina. And it is easy enough to become cynical in a world where the practice of business is aimed at making a handsome profit for a few people and overlooking the call to provide an efficient service to society, even when that is the pretended objective of the business.

It is time — especially when we pretend to make resolutions to improve affairs — to think hard about price and value, about what we are prepared to spend on providing such essentials as health care services and how we manage such services in an ethical and moral manner to the best of our ability.

10 Things Every Person Should Do To Avoid Becoming Useless In The Future Economy

One of the established principles of pharmacy practice is that all contact with the public should be carried out observing the highest technical and ethical standards. The financial rewards, although essential for continued practice, come second in rank when we consider priorities. Pharmacists have long recognised the need to maintain professional competence, and have been ready to devote time to keeping their knowledge up to date. The fact that their governmental paymasters fail to recognise the cost that this entails does not remove responsibility from professional shoulders.

We see many public services — transport, health, education, policing and support services for bewildered citizens — failing to meet their professed targets because the powers-that-be cannot face the financial strain.

These contraptions are hilarious, but also useless — Future Blink

At the same time, they adopt all manner of wasteful procedures that are far from beneficial to society at large. We might be forgiven for allowing cynicism to creep in, blackguardly though itmay be. The report from the World Health Organization indicates a change of emphasis from previous reports, and is the subject of an editorial article by Gill Walt, professor of international health policy at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, published in the BMJ for 3 January. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Shannon" video ".

Don't Try This". Wall Street Journal.

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