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Finding the Polish equivalents for the concepts she critically analyses, requires a comparative analysis of the original sources that she has thrived on. The notion of phantasmagoria emerged in late 18th century Paris describing performances of the laterna magica.

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Karl Marx and Walter Benjamin both made use of this notion in their theories. Using these impulses my project investigates the phantasmagoria both as a historical as well as a systematic category at the interface of aesthetics, economics, technology, and politics. The phantasmagoria is explored in its potential to illustrate and understand the specifically modern dialectics of enchantment and disenchantment. How have anthropologists fashioned categories of experience for communities encountered in the field?

How have source communities appropriated these categories in pursuit of cultural revitalization? How have publics from socially dominant cultural spheres used categories such as shamanism and totemism to evoke a genre of spiritual capital consistent with secularism? The leading question for my research project is: What, if anything, can justify the exclusion of outsiders from membership in political societies? The specific focus of this question will be on the nation-state and on the limitations and conditions nation-states impose on immigrants and applicants for citizenship.

Search for:. Fellowship Programs Open Calls. Audio Files. Vessela Hristova. Posted on 13 January, Katrin Hammerstein. Posted in Former Visiting Fellows Leave a comment. Sorin Gog. Assistant Professor of Sociology, Babes-Bolyai University Cluj Junior Visiting Fellow January — June Project: The Europeanisation of Eastern Christianity: Secularisation in Post-socialist Romania and Bulgaria The thesis of my research project is that in spite of the disappearance of the communist regime and its secular policy, post-socialism in Romania and Bulgaria did not entail a religious revival but a new logic of secularization.

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Mateusz Borowski. Lectures on Medicine Volume Geisteswissenschaft und Medizin. Medicine and the Anthroposophical Knowledge of the Human Being. Landwirtschaftlicher Kursus.

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Spiritual-Scientific Foundations for Success in Farming. The Agricultural Course. On Earlier Conditions of the Earth. Grundlagen einer geisteswissenschaftlichen Sinneslehre. On Health and Illness. Rhythms in the Cosmos and in Human Beings. How does one come to See in the Spiritual World? Volume Mensch und Welt. Das Wirken des Geistes in der Natur.

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The Human Being and the World. The Influence of the Spirit in Nature. On the Being of Bees. Volume Natur und Mensch in geisteswissenschaftlicher Betrachtung. Erdenleben und Sternenwirken. The Creation of the World and the Human Being. Life on Earth and the Influence of the Stars. The information above is believed to be accurate, but may not be complete.

Translation of GA title by Daniel Hindes. Assembled by Daniel Hindes with much help. Life on Earth and the Influence of the Stars The information above is believed to be accurate, but may not be complete. About the Riddles of the Human Being: the articulated and unarticulated in the thinking, views and opinions of a series of German and Austrian Personalities.

Rudolf Steiner's Complete Works

Grundprinzipien der geisteswissenschaftlichen Kosmologie. Consciousness - Live - Form. Fundamental principles of a spiritual-scientific Cosmology. Participant Notes from the Lectures during the Years - planned. Ursprungsimpulse der Geisteswissenschaft. Christian Esotericism in the Light of new Spirit-Knowledge. The Principle of Spiritual Economy in connection with the question of Reincarnation. Geistige Hiearchien und ihre Wiederspiegelung in der physischen Welt. Tierkreis, Planeten, Kosmos.

Der Orient im Lichte des Okzidents. The Orient in the Light of the Occident. The Children of Lucifer and the Brothers of Christ. Makrokosmos und Mikrokosmos. Die Mission einzelner Volksseelen im Zusammenhange mit der germanisch-nordischen Mythologie. Buch Moses. The Secrets of the Biblical Creation-Story. Wege und Ziele des geistigen Menschen. Life Questions in the Light of Spiritual Science. Okkulte Geschichte. Occult History.

see Die Mission der neuen Geistesoffenbarung. Das Christus-Ereignis als Mittelpunktsgeschehen der Erdenevolution. The Mission of the New Spiritual Revelation. Von der Initiation. On the Light of the Spirit and the Darkness of Life.

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Die Welt des Geistes und ihr Hereinragen in das physische Dasein. Das Einwirken der Toten in der Welt der Lebenden. Christus und die menschliche Seele. Der Zusammenhang des Menschen mit der elementarischen Welt. The connection between Human Beings and the World of Elements. Das Geheimnis des Todes. Zufall, Notwendigkeit und Vorsehung. Coincidence, Necessity and Providence. Imaginative Knowledge and the Processes after Death. Kosmische und Menschliche Geschichte Band I.

The Riddle of the Human Being. Cosmic and Human History, Volume I.

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Innere Entwicklungsimpulse der Menschheit. Zeitgeschichtliche Betrachtungen. Kosmische und Menschliche Geschichte Band V. Mitteleuropa Zwischen Ost und West. Bausteine zu einer Erkenntnis des Mysteriums von Golgotha.