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Aside from the problems with mounts themselves, you might encounter problems with your chosen room. Some ceilings are high; others are low. If your ceiling is slanted common in finished attics you may need a mount that accommodates that. Next, look for a projector that has post-installation adjustments including pitch forward tilt , roll side tilt , and yaw side rotate. Mounts that allow very fine adjustments make aligning the image on the screen easier. Some mounts will eventually loosen a bit, so be ready to adjust them now and then.

Among the big challenges in a living room is space, shape, and light. Often they open up to dining rooms, foyers and kitchens. They may be L-shaped or have stairs, doors, and windows in all the wrong places. Seating may include a sofa and a variety of mismatched chairs scattered all around the room. The Vizio offers great contrast ratios, full-array local dimming, wide color gamut, a Hz refresh rate, and high dynamic range support, including Dolby Vision.

Flat screen TVs, especially large ones, are the ideal display for a living room theater. The display on the P-Series is also an improvement from previous models, with several excellent preset image calibration modes to ensure a crisp, bright picture right out of the box. The screen has expanded from million distinct colors MDC to million, with better brightness and color capabilities, too. For videophiles who have been holding on to their plasma TVs as they wait for something that offers the same image quality, OLED is the answer.

The C9 produces pure blacks for infinite contrast ratios, and its HDR highlights look brighter and richer than those of the LCDs we tested. Wider viewing angles make it better for larger groups, as well.

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The W Studio Micro performs great with movies and music, and it strikes a good balance between features and ease of use. The soundbar was the overwhelming favorite in our listening tests; all four of our panelists liked it best with music, and three of the four liked it best with movies with the fourth ranking it second , due in large part to its excellent subwoofer. Plus, it has a more stylish design than its competitors, comes with a simple, intuitive remote, and lets you stream your personal music collection and the most popular music services over Wi-Fi via DTS Play-Fi.

Despite being relatively narrow, the SBE6 delivers a wide soundstage and surprisingly powerful output while maintaining so many of the qualities that have made Vizio bars our favorite budget soundbars to date. Of course, those satellite speakers do need wires, but because those wires connect to the subwoofer rather than to an AV receiver—presumably at the front of your living room—you can more easily get the speakers in their proper place without too much mess.

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The sturdy build and helpful post-installation adjustments make it our favorite tilting TV wall mount. For example, our recommended TV, the inch Samsung JU, only weighs about 40 pounds—less than a third the weight capacity of the majority of mounts available these days. Adjustability is also critical, lest you end up with a skewed TV that needs to be re-mounted. Sideways adjustment is pretty common—it just slides left and right on rails.

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Trust me. On a large TV, that small mistake will look huge. The company claims you can tilt it with just one finger, and that is indeed the case with my installation. You can adjust the pressure it takes to tilt it with dials on each bracket. A newer Sanus mount, the VLT5 , includes all the same features as the VMPL50A and is a couple of bucks cheaper from most online retailers, but despite the mount being slimmer, the TV ends up sitting further from the wall.

Sanus says they will send new bolts free of charge to any customer who requests them via phone or email; and care sanus. This is not, by the way, an issue unique to Sanus or this model.

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It has a responsive interface that loads discs quicker than other players that we tested, and it does a fantastic job of converting HD and SD content to a 4K resolution, making your existing Blu-ray and DVD discs look better than ever, with minimal effort on your part.

If you want an easy and enjoyable home theatre-viewing experience with the biggest, crispest image possible, the UBP-X is the best choice. The Sony offers the best user interface, a wide selection of streaming content, and pixel-perfect Blu-ray playback. The Sony players offer integrated Wi-Fi and has the most popular streaming apps that are easier to access apps you want than on the other players we tested—but not as convenient as a streaming stick.

It offers the largest selection of streaming content, a clean and responsive user interface, and a useful search function. The Roku interface is particularly easy to navigate, too. True, some of the channels on Roku are junk, but even the obscure, quirky ones can be fun to check out. Roku also gives you access to your own media stored on a computer or NAS box. When we set out to test the best DIY universal remotes, we were mostly testing different Logitech Harmony products against each other, ranging from the basic Harmony to the full-fledged smart-home platform of the Harmony Elite.

  • Madrugada (Svend Foyn Book 10).
  • Covert Action - A Navy SEAL Adventure.
  • Robinson Crusoe and The Further Adventures of Robinson Crusoe.

Our reviewers settled on the Logitech Harmony Companion as the best universal remote for most people. This increased resistance and slow rise time rolls off the high frequencies, which leads to the difference between the measured signal at the amp and the signal measured at the speaker terminals. Realize the Full Potential of Power…. The Adept Response High Resolution Power Conditioner is a cutting edge design providing the best power conditioning possible without limiting dynamics. Exclusive Audience technology achieves far greater performance for all audio and video components.

DH Labs high performance audio cables were designed to provide the highest level of sound quality possible. By combining the finest materials available in electrically efficient, noise canceling geometries, DH Labs cables are the most transparent way of carrying musical signals between audio components. Manufactured in the USA, DH Labs audio cables utilize a synergistic combination of silver and oxygen free copper conductors, advanced dielectrics, and vibration damping materials for superior performance.

Torus Power Conditioners feature toroidal isolation transformers that electrically isolate connected equipment from the incoming power. Torus Power products use the finest, most sophisticated surge suppression technology available. From the most basic to ultimate systems, Transparent has the right combination of links to bring out the best in your components. Straightwire is recognized worldwide for over 30 years as a leader in cable performance at all price levels.

Made and assembled in the USA by skilled craftsmen with lifetime limited warranty. And today, even in the midst of burgeoning and often confusing technology, these components still emulate the vision that originally drove Saul Marantz to expand the sensory horizons of even the most demanding aficionados.

Modern technology allows you to automate your home right now without traveling to the future. We are an authorized dealer for Control4 products, giving you access to the very best of home automation.

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Control4 products are easy to install in any home, often with no remodeling necessary. We carry both wired and wireless Control4 products, allowing you the flexibility your home needs to be automated as you desire. Home automation with Control4 is customizable. The customization allows you to start small and add to the system as your needs change and your budget grows. Control4 uses monitors placed throughout your home to control lighting, audio, video, and more from wherever you are.

We can help you select the perfect products for you and your family so that you regain control of your home and the technology used inside it. Home automation allows you to take control of your home and simplify the complexities of life. There are multiple devices used throughout our homes and home automation brings the control of those devices under one system. Our products allow you to control not only your technology, but also lighting and heating throughout the home.

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Evolution Audio Video includes five state-of-the-art demo showrooms, where you can see the beauty and power of home automation on display. We are the premiere audio and video showroom in the Ashburn, VA, area. Home theater systems allow you to have the luxury of movie theater screens and state-of-the-art sound without screaming kids and sticky floors. We offer a variety of products necessary to make your favorite movie larger than life. Evolution has projectors and flat screen TVs so you can watch films the way you prefer. We have Blu-ray players, plus all the speakers and other electronics you will need.

We have all the top brands you love to make sure we always install the best-quality equipment. Plus, everything has remote controls so you never have to leave the comfort of your chair. Browse the products we offer in the links below. We can install audio and video equipment in your entire house. Before we start installing, you can visit our showroom. Rest assured, your theater will be completed to your liking. We believe in offering our high-tech equipment for prices that our customers love. HAYS, David. Light on the subject: stage lighting for directors and actors —and the rest of us.

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Theatre lighting from A to Z. Seattle: University of Washington Press, Stagecraft fundamentals: a guide and reference for theatrical production. Media servers for lighting programmers: a comprehensive guide to working with digital lighting. Documenting: lighting design. New York, N. Y: Theatre Library Association, Drafting for the theatre.

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