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Long prized for hedgerow foraging and home orchards, the damson is a small plum with a huge cult following among modern bakers, nostalgic jam makers, gourmet food producers and damson gin drinkers! Damsons are unique among plums, being fully self-fertile one tree is all you need , prolific fruiting and full of tangy flavour.

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Damson: from hedgerow to harvest is the ultimate guide to using damsons in the kitchen, with a delectable selection of preserving recipes, high tea treats and extra helpings of damsons for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and drinks. This beautiful hardcover book features original watercolour illustrations by American artist Linden Eller and full-colour photography by British photographer Alun Callender, New Zealand photographer Sally Tagg and Lynda Hallinan.

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The former editor of New Zealand Gardener magazine, she is famous for her authoritative but entertaining style, combining wit and wisdom with practical knowhow. Damson: From hedgerow to harvest is her fifth book. Lynda lives at Foggydale Farm in the Hunua Ranges,. Member Login. These gardens were the only places where tomatoes, potatoes and peppers were grown for show, but were NOT meant for consumption.

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I t was the increased affordability of sugar in larger quantities that triggered the popularity of fruit preserves and jams as we know them today, one of the Elizabethan recipes which has been included here today. I have chosen these particular Elizabethan recipes because they link to this new-found craving for sugar, so characteristic of the later Tudor period. It may be garnished with small biscuits or caraway comfits before serving.

Damson Jam in Less than Five Minutes

Many of the recipes suggest that the raw fruit was mainly used in cookery. This next dish in our selection of five Elizabethan recipes comes from Opera by Bartolomeo Scappi. Italy, circa with translation by Ken Albala Cooking in Europe Though in Rome you find them even in September, and look for those that are not too mature, remove the peel and seeds and take the best part, cut in little mouthfuls and place in a pot in which is fresh butter or melted chicken fat, with which you let it cook.

You can also cook the said melon with broth and when it is cooked, break up with a spoon and mix in as said above, eggs, cheese, spices and not having gooseberries or unripe grapes, use verjuice. T his dish would have been classified by physicians as cold and moist food, perfectly appropriate for counteracting the heat of late summer.

Damson cheese

S cappi offers variant procedures if a strainer is unavailable and verjuice vinegar made from unripe grapes in Italy or crab apples in England can also supply the desired sourness. This hot fruit soup offers the perfect combination of sweet, sour and savoury ingredients and is a perfect example of a typical Renaissance recipe.

Then make sixe coffins, and put in euery coffin a lumpe of butter of the bignesse of a walnut: then season your sixe coffins with one spoonful of Cloues and Mace, two spoonfuls of Synamon, and one of Sugar, and a spoonful of Salt. The put your Chickens into your pies: then take damisons and pare away the outward peele of them, and then twentie in euery of your pies, round about your chicken, then put into euerie of your coffins, a hand full of Corrans.

Then close them vp, and put them into the Oven, then let them be there three-quarters of an hour. Take a pottle of damsons, prick them and put them into a pot; putting thereto a pinte of Rosewater or wine, and cover your pot, let them boile well, then incorporate them by stirring, and when they be tender let them coole, and staine them with the liquor also, then take the pulpe and set it ouer the fire, and put thereto a sufficient quantitie of sugar, and boile them to their height or consistencie, and put it up in gallypots, or jarre glasses.

W ash the fruit well then place in a large pan with the rose water or wine.

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Bring to a simmer and cook for about 10 minutes, or until the fruit has softened, then increase to a gentle boil and cook for about 15 mins more, or until the fruit has broken down. Take off the heat and allow to cool slightly then turn into a fine-meshed sieve. Press the fruit pulp through into a bowl using the back of a spoon. Return to the heat, bring to the boil and cook for another 15 mins.

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Skim the surface then ladle into sterilized jars that have been warmed in an oven set to degrees C for 5 minutes. Allow 1 cm of headspace then secure the lid, allow to cool and store. It has directions for shopping, full menus, extremely detailed recipes and illustrations.