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All of which is to say one thing: We're guessing there aren't a lot of physical copies of the game collecting dust on store shelves. Part of this continued popularity comes from the game being really, really good it is!

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That support has paid off for Rockstar's parent company, Take-Two Interactive — "GTA Online" is the company's "single largest contributor" when it comes to "recurrent consumer spending. More clearly: "GTA Online" players are buying stuff in-game, and it's bringing in a steady cash flow. We're talking about "Red Dead Redemption 2," a third-person, open-world game set in "America's unforgiving heartland. While "unforgiving," America's heartland is also quite pretty.

  • PSA still aims to sign merger deal with FCA this year, report says.
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Rockstar Games. It's planned for a late launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 , but Rockstar is notorious for delaying games until they're just right. The most recent lifetime sales number we have on the first "Red Dead Redemption" is around 14 million — a major success for a relatively unknown franchise, and it was available on far fewer platforms than "GTA. Please cite us if you use the software.

Linear dimensionality reduction using Singular Value Decomposition of the data to project it to a lower dimensional space. The input data is centered but not scaled for each feature before applying the SVD. Notice that this class does not support sparse input.

Insert a date in Excel via a drop-down calendar (Date Picker)

See TruncatedSVD for an alternative with sparse data. Read more in the User Guide. If False, data passed to fit are overwritten and running fit X. Whitening will remove some information from the transformed signal the relative variance scales of the components but can sometime improve the predictive accuracy of the downstream estimators by making their data respect some hard-wired assumptions.

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Otherwise the exact full SVD is computed and optionally truncated afterwards. Principal axes in feature space, representing the directions of maximum variance in the data. The singular values corresponding to each of the selected components. Equal to X. The estimated number of components. Bishop, It is required to compute the estimated data covariance and score samples.