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What is Anthropology?

Related Subjects Archaeology Biological anthropology Social anthropology. Latest Research and Reviews Research 26 June Foot callus thickness does not trade off protection for tactile sensitivity during walking People who frequently walk barefoot have thicker and harder calluses than those who typically use footwear; however, in contrast to shoes, callus thickness does not trade-off protection for the ability to perceive tactile stimuli during walking.

Nature , Research 24 June Three thousand years of wild capuchin stone tool use A 3,year record of capuchin monkey stone tool use shows long-term variability in technology outside of the human lineage. Smith Scientific Reports 9 , Reviews 17 June Climate change and cultural resilience in late pre-Columbian Amazonia Across pre-Columbian Amazonia, the relationship between cultural transitions and climatic trends is assessed.

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Bird , Scott A. Bradshaw Scientific Reports 9 , Comments and Opinion 18 June How adapting to research setbacks can pave the way to greater outcomes Skeletal biologist Justyna Miszkiewicz says that the disappointments she encountered during her PhD were as valuable as her successes.

Research Highlights 12 June This artificial island was built by farmers more than five millennia ago Rocky outposts are much older than previously supposed and might have served ritual purposes. Nature Research menu. Search Article search Search.

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What other kinds of questions would you need to ask to begin to understand not just that practice but also the culture in which it occurs? For instance, Richard Lee, a professor emeritus at the University of Toronto, is known for his studies of the!

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  • Kung people that live in several countries in southern Africa the! Kung are one of a small number of modern-day societies that live as hunter-gatherers, providing a window into how ancient hunter-gatherers lived.

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    On the other side of the coin is the growing field of business anthropology where anthropologists study consumer behavior, including how people act in shopping malls. Archaeology is the study of humanity through the materials — the stuff — we leave behind. This can be in the distant past, such as the pyramids at Giza , or very recent times, such as a 21st-century marriage proposal carved near a closed quarantine station.

    Archaeologists examine past societies using some of the methods and theories that sociocultural anthropologists work with. Additionally, physical anthropologists work closely with archaeologists to investigate human remains. Physical or biological anthropologists study the remains of human beings and hominids using a variety of techniques to investigate human disease, diet, genetics and lifestyle. Some, such as Jane Goodall , specialize in the study of primates, such as chimpanzees. By studying these creatures, which are closely related to us, we can learn much about ourselves and how we came to be.