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News of the defeat spread to Gonzales, where Sam Houston had formed an army. Feeling unprepared for the advancing army, Houston ordered Gonzales be evacuated and burned. They fought the Mexican Army at the Battle of Coleto, but faced the same fate as the soldiers at the Alamo. They were defeated, and the Santa Anna gave the order to have Fannin's captured army executed.

Independence seemed out of reach after the Alamo and Goliad. General Houston drew criticism for not having yet attacked Santa Anna's advancing army;. Ordered to stop his retreat by ad interim President David G. Burnet, Houston returned west, receiving word that Santa Anna's army was encamped on the west side of the White Oak Bayou and the San Jacinto River, inside the present-day city limits of Houston.

At p. With shouts of "Remember the Alamo! It is widely believed Santa Anna and his soldiers were indulging in an afternoon siesta and therefore were not ready to face the attack, which lasted approximately 18 minutes. Nine Texans were killed, and Mexicans lost their lives. Santa Anna was captured after the battle. And so began the Republic of Texas. Lamar as vice president. Houston appointed Stephen F. Austin to be Secretary of State. Austin died in office on December 27, , at the age of At its beginning, Texas had a population of 38, Of these, 5, were enslaved. As more settlers arrived from the American South, the enslaved population grew rapidly.

By , when Texas was annexed to the United States, there were at least 30, enslaved people, mostly working on plantations in East Texas. The African slave trade had been outlawed by this time, but Galveston and Houston both still had slave dealers.

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The Texas Legislature passed an act authorizing Rangers to employ the services of "friendly" American Indian tribes as scouts and spies. Hays later credited Flacco with saving his life in more than one battle with the Comanches. The second president of Texas, Mirabeau B. Lamar, took over a bankrupt and lawless country. Driven by a vision of future greatness, Lamar ruthlessly drove the Cherokee from Texas, waged war with the Comanche, and undertook a disastrous expedition to open a trade route to Santa Fe. He also founded a new capital in Austin and laid the foundation that would one day create schools, colleges, and world-famous universities.

Despite the restrictions on free people of color, many found a way to prosper. Documents show that Charity Bird of Jefferson County ran a successful bakery around , earning enough to vacation in the U. Some emancipated women owned land. Under the second president of Texas, Mirabeau B.

Lamar, the capital was relocated to Austin. Many in Congress believed that Houston was too far from the original Texas settlements, so the commission surveyed land north of San Antonio between the Trinity and Colorado Rivers. Lamar set up a commission to begin researching potential locations for the new capital. They ultimately chose the village of Waterloo and changed the name to Austin to honor the legacy of Stephen F.

As a result, land sales attracted more speculators than actual settlers. To encourage settlement, the Texas Congress passed a homestead law. President Sam Houston opposed the bill because of rampant fraud and illegal claims on land titles, and kept the General Land Office closed throughout his term.

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Image courtesy of Texas General Land Office. The flag you know today as the official State flag of Texas was adopted in January of as the official flag of the Republic of Texas. Republic of Texas President Mirabeau B. Lamar ordered the expulsion or extermination of all American Indian tribes. In the Battle of the Neches, near present-day Tyler, Cherokees were defeated in their attempt to retain land granted to them by a previous state treaty. Cherokee Chief Bowles died clutching a sword given to him by his close friend, Sam Houston. In the s, during the Republic of Texas era, individual ranchers organized cattle drives to New Orleans.

They also established the Shawnee Trail to Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa, where they could place the cattle on rail cars to be transported to the big markets in New York and Philadelphia. The enslaved African Americans of Texas were quick to establish churches as the bedrock of community.

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President Lamar ordered the Rangers to attack Comanche villages in his campaign to drive American Indians out of Texas. At the talks, the Comanches entered with an injured hostage and demanded more money for the remaining hostages. Soon bullets and arrows flew.

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Six Texans and many Comanche war chiefs, women, and children died. The stage was set for the Battle of Plum Creek. Word had spread of raiding Comanches seeking retribution for the Council House massacre. The Comanches reached Kelly Springs where their war chief, wearing a stovepipe hat and carrying a lady's parasol taken from a Linnville warehouse, was killed immediately. Fierce fighting continued along the San Marcos River with Comanches killed.

By , with the threat of British involvement in the Texas issue, U. President John Tyler proposed annexation. Texas drew up a state constitution in October and was admitted as the 28th U. Texas' annexation to the United States was blocked over concern about slavery and debt. James K. Polk was elected President of the United States in on a promise to annex Texas slave state and the Oregon Territory free state. The final obstacle to annexation was removed when Texas was allowed to keep its public lands to pay off its debt.

Texas became the 28th U. Almost ten years after winning independence from Mexico, and after a long and controversial diplomatic struggle, Texas was annexed to the United States under the administration of President James Polk. The annexation of Texas bolstered westward expansion of the United States.

Settlers moved to Texas in droves.

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Diplomatic solutions failed. Polk ordered General Zachary Taylor to position troops along the north bank of the Rio Grande to protect the Texas boundary. The Mexican government saw this as an invasion and thus an act of war, resulting in the Battle of Palo Alto in Brownsville on May 8, —the first major battle of the U. War was officially declared by U. Congress on May Trinity United Methodist Church in Houston began as a mission outreach to the enslaved community.

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  5. Organized in to serve both Baptists and Methodists, the church became a driving force in African American life. On February 2, , the U.

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    The treaty established boundaries between the United States and Mexico, with Mexico officially recognizing Texas as a part of the United States. We know they are true men; and they know exactly what they are about. With many of them, Indian and Mexican fighting has been their trade for years.