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His Word also tells us that Gentiles have been adopted into the family through Christ. The Lord invites all to come into His family; unfortunately, not everyone will accept.

Building on a Legacy of Faith

But for those who do, He desires unity. When we stand together as a family , as a three-stranded cord, we are not easily broken. We, as well as our children, are faced with challenges like these every day. Everyone wants to leave a lasting legacy to their children.

10 Ways to Leave a Legacy of Faith for Your Family

A: When you come to know your Heavenly Father through Jesus, it can be hard to recognize the lies of the enemy that tell you to repeat unhealthy patterns of your earthly family. However, through continuous prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you can have confidence that leads to breakthroughs and releases the heavy yoke of the enemy. For His Word to take root, it needs to be something that is part of everything you do. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.

A: Strengthening your marriage is a continuous act. Encourage each other to grow in personal relationship with the Lord. Spend time together with the Word.

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A: When one is abandoned or rejected by a member of their earthly family, a deep void is created. This void often makes it difficult to interact with and trust our God according to His design. Trust was broken in the past, and healing must take place to move forward with your future.

The feeling of rejection needs to be dealt with and cut off ; then you must come into alignment with the promises of God as His child. Teach your children to be in communication with the Holy Spirit. If you would like prayer, please schedule a 1-on-1 personal prayer appointment with our prayer team and be encouraged as you receive direction and revelation.

Curt Landry was born and raised in Los Angeles, C. Many Christians allow uncertainty and fear to block them from hearing and obeying the call of God to their own legacy. On the other side of things, maybe you need to leave a legacy of poverty, sickness, negativity or abuse. It takes courage to break free, remove yourself from those relationships, and create a new legacy, but Jesus has come to set you free from every curse! You can do everything through Christ, who gives you strength Philippians Whatever you do—have courage and be willing to hear. Fear is an enemy to living a legacy of faith.

It keeps people locked in the same place.

Eldridge Staten

Step out into the future God has for you. Part of living a legacy of faith is developing a relationship with God that is all your own, not based on the experiences of others. What does it mean to get your own God? It means you have your own testimony, your own experiences with Him, and your own miracles. Your family, your pastors and the ministers you watch on television cannot be the source of your faith. What you learn from them will be nothing more than head knowledge if you do not have your own relationship with the Lord.

Part of getting your own God is finding your faith family—the place where the Lord wants you rooted and planted.

He has ordained that each one of us would have a family to belong to. You may not even have one biological family member in your life, but His plan is to set you in a family—a family of faith. Are you part of the KCM family? Join us today! Kenneth and Gloria Copeland pray over their Partners every day, making sure you are never alone.

A Legacy of Faith

Put yourself in a family of faith. Build relationships with other believers without fear and a guarded spirit. Looking for a church home? Check out our Partner churches here. To live a legacy of faith, you have to be willing to build your whole life on the Word of God.

Where to start:

That means you work overtime to make sure everything you believe, say and do is in line with the Word, even if it means looking different from everyone else we should! It means speaking health when everyone else is speaking sickness, and speaking protection when others speak danger. It means speaking prosperity when the news is speaking economic downturn.

They will be touched by the way you live—even inspired. Deuteronomy tells us how to share our glory story. We are to talk about the goodness of God and what He has done for us all the time. Put away the electronics and the cellphones, and find those quiet moments to tell your glory story.

You may never know the impact of the things you share—they are seeds planted and watered over time. And they will yield a harvest in your family.


Building a Legacy of Faith

Need more ideas about sharing your glory story and living out your faith before your family? Find them HERE. As you share your glory story from victories past, you can live your own legacy of faith by working toward your next glory story and living it out before the next generation. Show them how to use faith to get where your heart desires to go. Let them see how you respond in faith. Gloria said something so simple, but so profound.