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You get to see why they are the way they are and there is character growth. I read Meet Cute, collection of meeting your love or potential love stories.

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Most cute and engaging, some thought provoking. The Fixer by HelenKay Dimon. Romantic suspense, heroine with lots of agency, tortured hero. Beauty and the Beast? Did enjoy it and the backstories did make sense for the most part.

Dash Temptation by Leigh Jo

Unfortunately right after reading a twitter thread of women describing themselves the way a male author would. All I could think about was how much a part of the story her large breasts were. Almost their own character. Story was otherwise OK, standard plot of I love her because she is not impressed that I am in line to the throne.

No real surprises. I have a conflicted relationship with Lackey. Her Valdemar books were very important to me at one time and I tend to read her because I enjoy the stories. However, she tends to sound as if she were writing stories meant to be read aloud to seven year olds. Even when she is writing about sex. Again, I enjoy the stories a lot and her writing is a little idiosyncratic in ways that I occasionally find jarring. Women in Sunlight by Frances Mayes. I wept. Word by Word by Kory Stamper is a sonnet to the English language. Really liked the first two.

My teenagers liked the paper experience. I enjoyed Hate to Want You, but the second book was just amazing. It started off with a nutty bollywoody plotline, the heroine had some mildly annoying tropes but was otherwise very enjoyable, and then the hero turned out to be an absolutely garbage human. A YA scifi novel, opposites attract and are stranded on a mysteriously uninhabited planet. So… I have been reading at random, hoping for something to jump out and demand to be read. Anthologies are always a good way to find new authors, or to re-connect with old ones. This story once again features the incomparable Gerry solving a mystery during a production of La Boheme.

Trying to identify a serial killer who had murdered one of her relatives, the heroine is saddled with an Israeli agent who officially works for Interpol, and who is initially skeptical about all the woo-woo stuff. Helllooo Bad Decisions Book Club! I had a hard time getting into it at first because it was just written that well. Being 13 is awful enough; being forced to remember it should be a violation of my constitutional right against cruel and unusual punishment.

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Once I got through that part—deep breathing helped—the story just sucked my in. I wholeheartedly recommend it, and I am definitely going to get a copy for my sister to read to my yo niece.

The past month of reading has been interesting but relatively positive. This book was meaty in conflict and angst, and I love that we get a satisfying romance while also getting great family relationships that will span over multiple books. It feels like a new way of doing a romance series for contemporary, this level of closeness to the secondary characters.

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  • I love and miss Blaze. While it started off slow, I liked that Sharpe took her time with the romance. Super sexy, twins that both own coffee shops in NYC and California switch places to get a change of pace and fall for dudes there. Would recommend for anyone that misses romantic comedy romances.

    Fler böcker av Jo Leigh

    Lots of hyper insta-love from the hero. His obsession is specifically coded as obsession for the purposes of the romance. I found that interesting, but it was engrossing, an easy read Riley has a voice like potato chips — you just vacuum up the words and scenes without even thinking about it. Especially because she has some killer sexy scenes.

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    Somehow, I keep going back. Amanda, which kindle do you have? Underneath each book title there is a line of dots which is a visual indicator of percentage read but also the length of the book. To change from grid to list, touch the all items arrow. The characters are realistic and complicated in a compelling way. I also finished K. It was a great mix humour and heart. The narrators for both books were fantastic, too. Since we are in the midst of Stanley Cup playoffs, I am deep in my hockey romance pile.

    My only regret is that there are not more to read at this time.

    I ended up reading through four of them before deciding I needed a break because I was recognizing her writing patterns and not liking all of them. Peters is brilliant at setting and that comes through his this one where it hinges on a rich interloper and how the town reacts. A pleasant surprise.

    A Dash of Temptation - Jo Leigh - Google Books

    A Nice Derangement of Epitaphs has one of the best titles but annoyed me as a favorite trope of hers appeared and kept pulling me out. The two main romances have age differences to them and while the characters were compelling, the way the romances were written jarred me out of my reading. The characters, the setting, the music, it all comes together in a wonderful way. City of Gold and Shadows was good, nothing bad, nothing that good though I did enjoy the main setting being an old Roman town near Wales.

    Mills & Boon - Love Bites - Pride by Penny Jordan

    Tricks for Free , the new Incryptid book which was a wonderful romp, I loved the setting and all the new characters. The second one especially which involves a con artist, there was too much referring to the characters having time together when I would have liked to have seen it.

    Publisher Series: Harlequin Blaze

    It would have made the romance more believable for me. I still wished it was longer as there were entire huge scenes that were off screen that I wanted to read. Two of my favorite romance authors but neither was their strongest work. The Bear and Nightingale is a fantasy set in Russia which deals with the back and forth between old and new religions as well as bringing in references to a lot of Russian folklore.

    The author does a great job of setting the scene of this isolated homestead in the middle of dark woods, but I ended up liking it less after the afterword where the author says they chose to use certain spellings since they were more exotic. It took away a lot of my goodwill towards them. Sweetness and Light is a history of beekeeping and sort of a history of bees. The author discovers her local beekeepers which set her off researching. Its a light science book with a mix of travelogue in it as honey like wine reflects the area its from, an enjoyable read.

    The Duchess Deal was frothy goodness that I enjoyed a lot though near the end it felt like there were a few too many obstacles. They both do unexpected arranged marriage with self-confidence issues on both sides really well. I enjoyed the setting of the same town in Quebec with its diversity but kept getting jolted out by this young woman cop who is working with Gamache for the first time.

    It felt like an extra subplot that took away from the main story.